National Cancer Week

Show your support.

Chopping it off for Cancer

Another cut-o-thon.


TUKS students cut their hair for cancer.

Make the cut and win!

Once again we are cutting it all off for charity.

Would you cut your hair to help a cancer survivor?

  This month Marie Claire launched the Kindest Cut Campaign – it’s aimed at improving the lives of young cancer survivors (those under the age of 18) by getting people to donate 22cm of their hair so that it be turned into a wig; or to make a financial contribution to the...

Kindest Cut Campaign

It’s hard to believe that Christmas is just over one month away (yes, that is right… eeck!). So as 25 December comes flying towards us faster than we can say ‘silly season’, it’s inevitable that everyone’s asking: what do you want for Christmas? At Marie Claire,...