Vogue’s Vow

Where major magazines stand on the airbrushing issue these days.

Vice: “There Will Be Blood”

Stained underwear and comforting baths that run a little red.

No Mother’s Day

Mothers around the world are going to disappear this Sunday.

Did Lil-lets get it right?

How to REALLY sell tampons to women.

Foursquare reveals the most beauty-obsessed city

Are we addicted to beauty?

Abercrombie’s new campaign

What's all the fuss about?

Tumblr bans Self-Harm Blogs

Tumblr, the micro-blogging platform that is particularly popular amongst teens, has now taken steps to ban sharing of information and media that they believe is harmful. This includes pro-ana blogs that motivate girls to maintain eating disorders through pictures and encouraging words....

One of Seventeen’s first black covergirls

wertt5t …Was the one and only Miss Whitney Houston.  As captivating as her incredible voice was her natural beauty and wholesome image.  She even manages to look supercute in the crazy eighties makeup below: These cover was shot all the way back in 1981 which made 18 year-old Whitney...

French Mag’s Faux Pas on Black Fashion

Just when the dust starts to settle on the Michelle Obama, Rihanna debacle, this happens.